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Fairtrade underwear for conscious consumers

Favourite underwear for the fashion and eco-conscious: With comazo | earth, Comazo is the first German textile company to bring to the market an underwear collection for men, women and children which guarantees 100 percent Fairtrade certification standards. 

Comazo was Fairtrade-licensed in 2009 and has since become the largest German producer of Fairtrade organic cotton underwear. Comazo uses only certified Fairtrade organic cotton, in compliance with the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). 

The benefits for you: 

With comazo | earth Fairtrade underwear, you wear modern clothing that promotes environmental and social sustainability and is beautiful at the same time

Natural textiles made from organic cotton guarantee maximum comfort and an incomparable soft-skin feeling 

Comazo ensures that small farmers from disadvantaged regions receive fair wages which has a positive impact on their lives 

The producers receive stable and guaranteed prices which cover their costs of sustainable production as well as a Fairtrade surcharge and premium which the producers typically invest in improving their social, economic and environmental conditions 

The conservation of water, vegetation, fauna and soil are top priorities in the cultivation of organic cotton 

The production of the cotton crop through to textile processing and manufacturing (knitting, colouring, sewing) adhere to environmentally and socially responsible practices thereby providing credible and consistent product assurance

Components such as sewing thread, labels and decorative buttons meet the requirements of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) 

Trust comazo|earth:

The highest assurance you have when buying comazo | earth is represented by two important quality seals. Comazo | earth underwear complies with both Fairtrade International (FLO) criteria and the  "Global Organic Textile Standard" (GOTS) 

The production of Fairtrade underwear is subject to strict conditions and requirements, which are regularly reviewed by the independent Fairtrade certification body FLO-CERT 

Maximum transparency as each Fairtrade underwear piece carries its own code and can be traced to its origins in the Internet at




ECO COOL Individualists and mavericks should watch out!

MINGA BERLIN is the congenial companion of the individualistic city dweller.

MINGA COLORFUL Checkered, striped or covered in diamonds, these vibrantly coloured socks are always worth a look. Free of gender themes there are models for both men and women. These skillfully placed splashes of colour can playfully break the greyest of days. As usual with MINGA BERLIN, all of the items are made to the highest quality standards utilising fair and responsible production techniques respecting the human and environmental costs.

MINGA BERLIN’s identity is based on the belief that only a consistently sustainable applied brand concept with an eco-social commitment can endure in the long term. Consequently, MINGA BERLIN socks are made from certified organic cotton and are manufactured to meet the high social and environmental GOTS criteria throughout the entire production chain, from the dyehouse to the store in Germany. A demanding production process ensures an exceptionally high quality and long lifespan. Our production facility is in Istanbul, where we can make our products in one of the best socks manufacturers in Turkey. For the producers, who have years of experience, it’s a family business in its third generation. It’s our corporate culture and not just a marketing tool that the tradition is maintained by the same family and that much emphasis is placed on the protection of the environment, quality and the safety and health of employees, which we ensure through regular visits to Turkey.

MINGA BERLIN socks are an ecological quality product and indeed a fashion statement. The combination of carefully selected colours and patterns creates a fashion accessory that goes beyond the daily need for functional “footwear”. The colourful and comfortable unisex socks are made to fill the gaps in the wardrobe of young people who are interested in being fashion trendsetters. The designer products provide not only for the feet, but also for the demand for aesthetic satisfaction. MINGA BERLIN gets its influence from the fast pace nature and mix of different cultures in the dynamic capital of Berlin: The greatest source of inspiration for us has been and remains the freedom of individuality.

Markus Lukasson, founder of MINGA BERLIN




EarthPositive apparel is made to demonstrate the highest possible environmental, social and ethical standards. It has been calculated that a single EarthPositive t-shirt saves around 7kg of CO2, whereas a hooded sweatshirt saves up to 28kgs of greenhouse gases! 

Organic Cotton + Ethically Traded + Carbon Neutral manufacturing = 100% Sustainable = 100% EarthPositive®



Bloi is an ecological and ethical fashion brand: clothing hand made in Barcelona using ecological fabrics and following ethical production processes.


- No toxic Chemicals

- Fair prices

- Protects the environment

- Ethical production

- Certified organic cotton



NUMON is a beautiful brand from Barcelona, giving a new life to old and forgotten materials in order to create pretty, unique, creative and functional bags, backpacks and accessories that are fashionable but also sustainable. At the same time they aim to motivate and raise awareness among their clients, by promoting responsible practices and respectful behavior towards the environment and the animals. 

Pipe content house

Pipe content house

The philosophy of Pipe Content House can be defined in one sentence: “We wear what we believe”. And they take that into every aspect of their life. They look after their surroundings and make the effort to carry on improving their production line so that it can be as sustainable as possible, with the aim of protecting what they care about most, nature and our Mother Earth. All of their garments are made in small workshops and are produced ethically, supporting artisans in communities in Brazil and Guatemala, contributing to fair trade practices. They always use natural, organic and recycled materials such as sustainable fibers, which can combine natural cotton and cloth from recycled PET bottles. They do not use any kind of animal materials and above all they respect life which is why all their accessories are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Handmade, with beautiful Mayan looms (huipiles) and made in a really traditional ethical way.

Tread & Pedals

Tread & Pedals

All products are designed and hand made by us, Em and Ivan, in our studio and workshop in the scenic hills about an hours drive from Melbourne. We craft the products using hand tools and are quite old-fashioned in our approach, with the result that each item produced is of the highest quality.

Tread & Pedals was born whilst working at a bike store in inner Melbourne several years ago, as we were amazed at the amount of bicycle parts going straight to the tip. It was shocking to see how much waste was being generated by something we had always considered to be a sustainable form of transport. It was then that we decided to make something from this so-called trash and started looking at bike parts in a whole new way.



Xianna is a brand that makes simple and practical cork vegan bags and accessories, such as wallets and clutches handmade in Madrid with eco friendly materials, such as organic cotton.



Stanley & Stella

Stanley & Stella


We are demanding because we want to bring a product that is both different and can last long time. Quality is a major point in our daily work.

Sustainability is about acting according to your beliefs. About treating your workforce and every living being around you with the respect they deserve. About preserving and managing your immediate environment in a way that means it can continue to flourish for generations to come.

Clive street

Clive street

Clive Street was born out of a love of sewing and reusing textiles with a past life. Creating something stylish, beautiful and useful out of something discarded, filthy and worthless is incredibly fulfilling. 

Handmade in Brisbane, Australia.

Got wood

Got wood


My body is 100% Biodegradable meaning I won't last forever. Once you're done with me, frisbee my body into compost. As I fade away slowly, brush up with your next Got Wood lover.


A choice of either;Bamboo Fibre - snap my head off and recycle me or shave my bristles down. Charcoal Infused Bamboo Fibre - snap my head off and recycle me or shave my bristles down. designed to help fight against bacteria, plaque and other germs - the charcoal infused head will aid in protecting yo' chompers and gums from all nastiest.


My packaging is biodegradable and non-toxic, made with recyclable materials and printed in soy bean ink because I care for the environment. We, the GW team, prepare and package each TB ourselves. Our 'collection' TB's are hot stamped by ourselves here in Melbourne, Australia. We work with local companies where possible and are 100% fair trade. 


I come from Mao Bamboo forests in China. I'm naturally raw and legit. I don't do faux. Feel a sense of purity, freshness and serenity as you brush up with pure Mao Bamboo.


Mao Bamboo grows incredibly fast and is purely used for commercial use leaving 1500 other species of Bamboo left for the Pandas to munch on (Panda friendly).
I care about the animals #GWLOVESMOTHERNATURE. Deforestation is certainly not an issue with my rapid and frequent growth spurts. Mao Bamboo is a natural resource and soil conservation tool as it can grow in soil that has been damaged by poor agricultural methods. 
Shmick I know. 


I am indeed antimicrobial given I come from bamboo (panda friendly) meaning, I'm capable of destroying the growth of disease causing microorganisms. Plastic can't do that. Brush twice daily and look after those pearly whites. Morning Got Wood and bedtime Got Wood. Or really, whenever you feel like getting some Got Wood in ya mouth. 
The Choice is yours.


Soft, Medium or Hard; Kids or Adults; depending on your bristle preference and mouth size sweets. Stay tuned for continued upcoming collections -  I'm no ordinary toothbrush. 

The Physic Garden

The Physic Garden

The Physic Garden produces handmade Natural Balms, Deodorants and Bath products from healing herbs & nourishing oils. Nature has provided us with our very own medicine cabinet right in the garden. They create effective, luxurious feeling products which can help incorporate healing herbs back into our everyday lives.

All their skincare is Naturopathically formulated with moisturising oils and specifically selected herbs, with no fillers and nothing nasty. 

 All their products are:

100% Natural


Handmade in Melbourne, Australia



Naturopathically formulated

Tested on humans, never on animals

Archer skincare

Archer skincare

After being diagnosed with Rhumatiod Arthritis at 23, Archer Skincare founder Amy Malone decided to use her vast knowlegde of Aromatherapy to help reduce her symptoms naturally.

After months of carefully monitoring the chemicals in food, skincare became the next priority. Teaming up with her Nan- a Qualified Auromatherapist- the pair spent the next 12 months creating and testing various skincare products.

Archer's aim is to make Vegan Skincare a a staple in the every day household, believing there is no need to test on animals, or use animal derived ingredients in any aspect of our personal hygiene routines.

The Archer brand has been Certified Cruelty Free and donates 5% of all sales to Oscar's Law.



Salvage turns trash into treasure by refashioning waste into an inspirational style. Salvage garments are manufactured from 100% recycled materials. The cuttings from organic textile production are shredded and turned back into soft organic cotton bres. Fibres made from locally recycled plastic bottles are added to the soft cotton bres to obtain the organic cotton and polyester blend. The blended bres are then spun into ne yarn to make the fabrics into a variety of coloured melange heathers.  Salvage is ethically manufactured in India from 60% Organic Cotton and 40% Recycled Polyester.

The Nakid label

The Nakid label

The Nakid Label dig all-natural vegan skincare. 

Skincare doesn’t need be complex and you should not have to compromise on quality. The Nakid Label products are all about simplicity, affordability and caliber. They use simple, yet effective high quality ingredients which are gifts from the earth. Their products are easy to use and their packaging is minimal, yet chic and timeless.

All of their products are hand crafted in small batches in Melbourne.

They use reusable and recyclable packaging.

Their products are all-natural, vegan and not tested on animals.



RECLAIM BAGS was born in 2012 by British based designer, Sophie Postma whilst studying Fashion and Innovation at Leeds college of Art. This brand uses recycled rubber inner tubes to make each individual, handmade piece. The goal behind the brand is to create a sustainable range of handbags and accessories that will change people’s perceptions of recycled and upcycled products and as a result, test the limits of re-use.

Chiara jewellery

Chiara jewellery

Chiara Jewellery is all about colour, fun and style. Something eye-catching, colourful and quirky to transform your everyday outfit.

Chiara designs and creates original pieces using a variety of materials as semi-precious gemstones, sequins and recycled materials.

Chiara Jewellery’s latest line is fashioned out of Nespresso coffee capsules. She transforms left over coffee capsules into necklaces, earrings, rings and brooches and creates designs and styles that are attractive using techniques that make her up cycled jewellery unique to customers.

All pieces are handmade with love in Melbourne.




HANAMI cosmetics are certified cruelty free & vegan (PETA approved), non toxic, palm oil free, independently owned, and made with organic plant and mineral ingredients. 

Providing the best of the best in cruelty free makeup, 7 free nail polish, skincare and muchmore.

Plant & Mineral Based Ingredients

Fans of coconut, shea, jojoba, castor oil, grapseed, mineral colors and a heap of natural ingredients that you may keep stashed in your kitchen cabinet at home, yep we weren't joking about this 'natural ingredients'! But there may also be some other ones on there that aren't as recognisable, here's where Hanami sources them from:

Glycerin – Soy or Maze. NOP certified

Cetearyl Glucoside – Corn or Coconut 

Cetearyl / Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol – Coconut & Lye

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride – Coconut 

Propylene Glycol – Soy or Canola 

Cetyl Alcohol – Coconut

Stearic Acid – Cocoa, Shea butter or Coconut 

Glycerol Monosterate – Coconut or Sunflower 

Polyglyceryl Oleate – Coconut or Soy 

Tocopherol – Vitamin E



Ecological + sustainable fashion for women. Ecoology makes organic clothes for your daily wear.

Ethical Fashion for the woman who want to dress well and wear clothes that do not go out of fashion even after a few years. Designs studied with care and made with natural and certified organic by GOTS and Textile fabrics Exchange. All their collections are limited edition.

Eco fashion is better for your health and also the planet, that's why we want you to be part of it. They handmade all their collections in small workshops in Barcelona helping women at risk of social exclusion.

Please, participate in responsible shopping, a new way to change this world!

Zapas Vegan shoes

Zapas Vegan shoes

Zapas produces their shoes on small companies to provide every single element of the chain including the soles, the fabric, the string and to ethically hand make the shoes and sandals. Their factory and all their providers are located in a little Spanish village.

Zapas produces 100% cruelty free - vegan.

eco moder aroma

eco moder aroma

ECO. are the specialists in natural and organic oil formulations for face, body and wellbeing. They understand the need for women to have products they can trust; simple, natural, cruelty free, vegan effective skincare that can be easily tied into their busy routines. Their comprehensive range of face, body and aromatherapy oils provide a vibrant and natural offering to addressing skincare concerns and day to day wellbeing; the essential tools for feeling great and leading a healthy and active life. 

ECO. products are defined by quality & integrity. Ingredients are always sourced from ethical sources for social & environmental integrity. They are TGA compliant, GMP Compliant and Australian Certified Organic.

Ethically produced in Australia.



100% self-sufficient and with sustainable growth, “bleed” -  a real family business. 

As a small family company, working to create and producing;  well designed, high quality, vegan products using sustainable resources and production methods. Committed to support local region by creating jobs and working in co-operation with local companies and those with similar aims to ours in relation to maintaining the environment and without causing harm.

In addition to the sustainable idea, Bleed only works with upcycled and also organic textiles (GOTS certified) always fairly made.

Eve Cork

Eve Cork

Eve Cork takes a natural approach to innovation, creating essential items with a modern flair. Their bags are staple fashion pieces first and foremost, with the added benefit of sustainability.

Their entire lineup is ethically handmade in Portugal and PETA Vegan Approved. The premium cork fabric makes their products ultra-lightweight and durable, while maintaining a feeling just like leather. In addition, cork material is waterproof, easy to clean and antibacterial. 

INDECISIVE. Bamboo womens clothing

INDECISIVE. Bamboo womens clothing

Indecisive designs, develops and sell sustainable womens clothing that is Australian Made.

Their philosophy is based on sustainable, modern and relaxed luxury garments creating essential pieces for all kind of women.