16 Tips to go plastic free - Guide for a plastic free life

Most of us are aware that our plastic and waste production is a huge global
challenge. However, many still struggle to go plastic free or make a significant reduction in their day-to-day waste. But it’s actually super easy once you get started and I promise that once you do start you’ll never look back. So here are some super helpful tips that reduce your waste, with the added benefit of supporting small businesses and actually saving you money in the long run.


My journey from fast fashion to ethical fashion. Barcelona - Melbourne.

Living in the country, after a whole life living in the city, makes you see life from a different perspective.



Ethical fashion is booming.

Nowadays, so many brands and consumers are already opting for more responsible ways of buying, respecting the environment, and ensuring a more sustainable long-term future for everyone.

However, buying ethical fashion is still not quite easy,  most of the stores where we usually buy our clothing and accessories don't care much about such important aspects as: fair-trade, sustainability, organic materials, cruelty free or recycling/upcycling.

This is the reason why today we want to show you what and where to buy ethical and cruelty free fashion and in consequence, become a more responsible consumer.


Here we show you the perfect look that every woman should have in her wardrobe:

Ethical is the new black:

The colour black will never go out of fashion.

Dressing in black guarantees the best outfits and if it is ethically made...that's all we need!

Buying less but selecting the right items is always the smartest way to buy!

All items you can see here are fair-trade and vegan. The oversized t-shirt is made of 50% certified organic cotton and 50% tencel. Bag and accessories are made of recycled materials.

If you want to know more about why to choose ethical fashion:



Velvety is not just an online store, Velvety is an idea, a dream, a revolutionary concept. This is a new way to buy and be informed. Velvety is a vehicle of information that was created with the intention to bring something new to a new age where people start to get tired of aggressive marketing, momentary trends, massive consumerism, etc... but above all, Velvety was born with the idea of improving the current market, recommending a slower way to buy, where there is no need to buy things we do not need, as short-lived products that will be discarded within a few months, as this contributes to an unethical way to continue doing the same things we have always been doing and ultimately, to invest in unsustainable practices as consumers.

Nowadays, we are involved in a cycle of endless consumption. Buy and then discard, buy and re-buy the same products simply because they are no longer current, and thus, as without realizing it, we support the big corporations and say: Keep doing things like that! When we should be us, the consumers demanding a more ethical and fair market, less aggressive, less competitive this would benefit both, our planet and all who live in it.

At Velvety we like to know what we buy, we like to know how it was made and who made it. We like ethical and responsible brands which support fair trade practices and focus on the benefit of the final consumer. We love brands with ideals, compassion and a desire to improve this world, we hate large business created with a single purpose: making money, which most of the time comes from exploiting workers in underdeveloped countries.

At Velvety we know that we have many people who think and feel like us, who fight and stand up for a fairer responsible and healthy way to buy and live our lives.

Are you with us? Do you form part of that group of people? Can we count on you to start this ethical revolution?