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Vegan fashion isn’t vegan food - How & Where to buy it?

We cannot go through life without buying certain things, no matter how spartan or minimalist we may strive to be there are something things we simply cannot avoid.

Eating being a great example.

The vegan movement is growing rapidly and teaching huge amounts of people every year how they can eat more ethically whilst having less impact on the planet and at the same time reduce the suffering of animals. It’s quite easy to eat vegan in this day and age.


Now, we all have to wear clothes, right?

Unfortunately it is harder to wear ethical clothes than it is to eat vegan for a couple of reasons:

  • Firstly: Labelling

Food labelling is very comprehensive and shows every single input that you will consume within that labelled product .    

Clothing simply doesn’t have the same level of accountability when it comes to the make up of your clothes.

Often dyes and glues used in clothing can contain animal products or harsh chemicals, conveniently for the clothing industry the labelling laws mean consumers are blissfully unaware of the impact their clothing choices are making.

This can make sourcing ethical clothing much more difficult than choosing which sandwich has the  better moral consequences.

ethical fashion labels

  • Secondly: Advertising rules

Anyone can advertise their clothing as “ethical” and people have varying degrees of what ethical is to them, to some businesses it just can be an excuse to increase profit margins.

For example there are a lot of “ethical” products originating from developing countries being pumped out of sweat shops and under slave like conditions, likewise in these developing countries the environmental protections we enjoy in a country like Australia or similar simply do not exist and often harmful practices are used in the manufacturing of these products.

Also “vegan leather” is often cited as being ethical despite it being unsustainable and often produced in questionable conditions.

who made your clothes?

So how do consumers ensure they are purchasing a truly ethical fashion product?

At Velvety we spend a looooooot of time searching for and doing research on different products to ensure they meet our values, sadly most products we find fall short of what we require to become a velvety product.


  • What is the product made of?

If the material is not cruelty free, is unsustainable or at the very least not recycled/upcycled then straight away there’s no point looking at it further for us.



  • Where and how is it made?

If the product is made in the developing world then independent certification such as fair trade is the best way to ensure there is no slavery or super exploitative practices are  involved in the manufacturing.

There have been so many products that look great from the outside that we would have loved to have stocked but we just couldn’t verify that the manufacturing process was 100% ethical.

If there is no independent third party certification of fair trade or like then without actually visiting the facility you will never know just what is occurring there.

Some of the independent certification bodies we trust are:


  • Is it affordable and fashionable?

We want ethical clothing to be main stream and not just limited to high society, there are some products that tick all the boxes but just have too high a price that we can’t justify.

Velvety needs to change the world and if the world is to change everyone needs to be involved not just the wealthy.


We do all the hard work sourcing these products so that all you need to do is find the product that suits you and let your conscious rest easy knowing you’ve made an ethical decision.

We are always on the look out for more products to bring to the public in a simple one stop online shop, please do not hesitate to contact us at if you or someone you know produces ethical fashion. We stock everything from men and women’s clothing, to bags, jewellery+accessories, soy candles and beauty products and anything in between which catches our eye.

  • Check this link for some more vegan related products!


Vegan Pineapple Leather | Pinatex | Ethical Fashion

The world is changing.

The fashion industry is changing.

The way we create things is also changing.


Pinatex, a new revolutionary material created and developed for a Spanish woman, Dr Carmen Hijosa.


But what is Pinatex?

"Pinatex is a natural, sustainable textile made from the fibres of pineapple leaves, which are the waste from the pineapple harvest. Because the leaves are the by-product of an existing industry no additional land, water, fertilizers or pesticides need to be used to product them, so the raw material has a very low environmental impact compared to other textile crops".


What is the process?

"The fibres that make Piñatex™ come from pineapple leaves. The fibres are extracted from the leaves during a process called decortication, which is done at the plantation by the farming community. Furthermore, the by-product of decortication is bio-mass, which can be further converted into organic fertilizer or bio-gas.

Both the extraction of the fibers and the consequent bio-mass will bring added revenue stream to the  farming communities.

The fibres then undergo an industrial process to become a nonwoven textile, which is the base of our material Piñatex™.

The final step in the making of Piñatex™ takes place at a textile finishing company in Spain, where our unique finishing process is done before being shipped all over the world."


Is it 100% Cruelty free?

"Yes, no animal by-product is used in any stage of the production of Piñatex."

"We have been certified as “Vegan Fashion Label” by PETA* and received their Innovation Award (2015), which was a first for a raw material."


What about Pinatex uses?

"Piñatex is a mass-produced sustainable and versatile textile oriented to the following industrial sectors :





Where can we find bags made of Pinatex?

At Velvety, you can find some beautiful bags from the brand Maravillas Bags, Camille, Eve & Adis, Grey Whale and The Ahimsa Collective. Have a look here:

Velvety is an ethical but also vegan online store based in Melbourne, Australia.

All products you can purchase from us are fairly made and cruelty free. You can also find a great variety of upcycled and organic fashion products but also a beautiful range of vegan beauty and our own label of eco soy candles.

Information from this website: was used for this post.

For more information about the process visit:


16 Tips to go plastic free - Guide for a plastic free life

- Useful & easy tips for going plastic free -

plastic free shop

Most of us are aware that our plastic and waste production is a huge global
challenge. However, many still struggle to go plastic free or make a significant reduction in their day-to-day waste. But it’s actually super easy once you get started and I promise that once you do start you’ll never look back. So here are some super helpful tips that reduce your waste, with the added benefit of supporting small businesses and actually saving you money in the long run.

Environmental problems can feel overwhelming at times but remember every bit counts and little things really do make a big difference. If you don’t believe this then try sleeping with a hungry mosquito in the room.

1. Invest in a water bottle

A staggering 50 billion single-use plastic water bottles are bought each year! Plus the plastic used in these bottles are full of BPA’s and potentially harmful chemicals that you’re putting in your body, especially when left in the sunlight. Purchase a re-usable water bottle and get in the habit of always bringing it with you.

2. Keep a cutlery set in your bag.

There have been countless times when I’m out and about and some amazingly delicious smell from a takeaway shop wafts over and completely catches my hunger off guard. Keep a set cutlery in your bag and you’ll never have to use single-use plastic cutlery again. If you know you’re going to buy some takeaway lunch or dinner bring a container from home and ask them to use that instead of a disposable plastic one.

3. Carry a keep cup.

Australians use 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year!

Purchase a re-usable
coffee cup

or if you forgot one, ask to have your coffee in the store. When did our lives get busy? It’s very easy to get swept up by the daily grind, spending each waking moment rushing from one task to another. Take the time to stop, sit down in the coffee shop and indulge yourself in the precocious moment of a freshly made coffee. Take the time to really taste the coffee, appreciate it’s smell and the warm fuzzy feeling it creates within you. The universe will survive if you’re 5 minutes late.

4. Ask for no straw in your drinks.

500,000,000 straws are used every day in the US alone! You read that number right! Say only 1% of these end up in the ocean, that’s 5 million straws into the ocean every day from one country! Many bars, restaurants and take-away places automatically put a straw in your drink so get into the habit of asking for no straw with each drink you purchase. Either drink your beverage without a straw or invest in a stainless steel or bamboo one.

5. Keep a fold-up re-usable bag in your pocket, bag or car.

Make this a habit and you will never be caught off guard without a shopping bag. If you do drive to the supermarket and realise that you’ve forgotten your bags just put all your groceries straight into the trolley, wheel the trolley to your car and unpack your groceries straight into the boot.


6. You don’t need plastic bags to line your bin!

This is probably the most used argument people use to justify why they need plastic bags. Instead of this, put some newspaper at the bottom of the bin to soak up any liquids and then just dump your rubbish straight in there as normal. When your kitchen bin is full just tip all that rubbish straight into your street bin and then wash out your kitchen bin with a hose. If your bin is not made of solid plastic or metal and does need bin liners purchase some reusable bin liners instead.

7. Start a veggie patch.

Gardening is one of the purest and most overlooked human pleasures. There is something so special about nurturing a seed and creating new life. Make use of the spaces you got! Even if you live in an apartment you can still put little herb or veggie pots on your windowsill or balcony or start a veggie patch on the grass outside your house or apartment on the street. Or you could join a community garden!

8. Start a compost bin or a worm farm.

A great way to get some incredible nutrient-rich soil for your veggie patch is with a compost bin. There are some beautiful, compact, odour-free worm farms that fit perfectly into your kitchen if you don’t have a garden or huge compost tumblers for households that create a lot of food scraps and have the space.

9. Use your containers to refill.

When you’re at the shops try to purchase products in glass containers instead of plastic, for example with honey, tomato sauce or other condiments. However, if you do end of with these containers instead of throwing them away re-use them for re-fills or food storage. Empty hummus container? Try making your own hummus or go to a deli ask them to use that same container.

10. Buy loose leaf tea.

Tea is beautiful, but buying tea bags adds a lot of waste: from the tea bag itself, to the tea labels and most importantly the fact that most tea bags all come individually wrapped within the packet. Invest in a metal tea strainer and purchase loose leaf tea instead of tea bags. This not only saves waste, but loose leaf tea often has a stronger flavour, means you are putting less unknown substances into your body, and also saves you money, with loose leaf tea on average 2.5x cheaper than tea bags.

loose tea leaf

11. Seek out plastic free grocery items.

Purchase bread in a paper bag from a bakery, buy beans, grains, seeds from a bulk scoop place, bring your own containers to delis, make your own muesli bars or snacks, don’t purchase fruit wrapped in plastic and make your own DIY cleaning products. Who gives a crap is a great toilet paper company that uses no plastic and donates 50% of its profits to building toilets in the developing world.

12. Choose clothes made of natural fibres.

This one is a little hidden killer. Did you know that when you wash synthetic clothing tiny fibres make their way from your washing machine into the oceans to then be eaten by animals. A single acrylic garment can release nearly 730,000 tiny synthetic particles per wash!

Purchase clothes made of natural fibres such as
organic cotton, bamboo or hemp.

Also let your clothes dry naturally
instead of using a drier. If you have some synthetic clothing, wash these fabrics in a special bag designed to trap them.

13. Cut down on the Uber eats/takeaway delivery/frozen convenience meals.

This is a hard one for many people. I know Uber Eats or that frozen lasagne is amazing for those tired nights in, but all that food comes in plastic disposable containers. Instead enjoy cooking a meal, or prepare some meals in advance that you can defrost easily for times like these. You could also go out and eat in at the restaurant instead. If you do have to order takeaway keep the containers and use them to store food, to prepare homemade frozen meals or as a spare container
for a lunch on the go.

14. Swap plastic out everywhere!

Did you know that every toothbrush that has ever existed still exists today!
There are many innovative and sustainable businesses out there who have
created plastic free alternatives for many products: bamboo toothbrushes,
bamboo pens, bamboo phone cases, plastic-free deodorant and toothpaste,
paper-stick cotton swabs, coconut fibre kitchen and pan scrubbers, vegan wraps, a diva cup instead of pads or tampons, cloth nappies instead of disposable ones, soap, shampoo and conditioner bars instead of bottles... the list goes on!

15. Think holistically.

Although plastic is a significant problem, it is only one part of a much bigger problem. To live a truly sustainable life you can’t just improve one area. Instead, it is a complete transformation and connection of all parts of your life together to ensure that what you purchase, what you put on and into your body, and what you create have a positive impact for all living beings, all future beings and planet. 


- So some other things to think about - 

• Did you know that the single biggest impact on climate change is actually
the meat and dairy industry? The simple act of reducing your meat and
dairy consumption has a huge and instant impact on reducing climate
change (going vegan alone on average cuts your total emissions by
half). Red and processed meats are known carcinogens so cutting these
out also creates a healthier diet and saves real animal lives.

• Many well-known skin care, make-up and body products actually contain
a heap harmful and known carcinogenic chemicals, parabens and
numbers, or use unsustainable palm oil (check those fine print
ingredients). There are some apps out there that help you look up those
nasty chemicals and identify if their harm index, but the safest bet is to
make the switch to organic and natural products.

• Buy fruit and veggies in season and go to the imperfect range to help
reduce global transportation emissions and waste.

• Cycle or walk to work, car-pool or get public transport. 4/5 of cars driving in peak hour traffic contain only 1 person. This is a huge waste of
resources and makes traffic significantly worse.

16. Inspire others.

We are all in this together. Just one person making a positive switch to live a sustainable life can inspire so many more. Encourage and inspire each other, contact businesses who use excessive packaging, lead by example and give your friends these handy tips. We should all be so proud of the efforts we are making and work together to ensure our planet stays beautiful.

monstera plant


About the author: Jacinta Bowman is passionate about living a sustainable and planet-friendly lifestyle and loves to inspire others to do the same.


Sustainable Vegan Bags - WHAT IS VEGAN LEATHER?




Nowadays, there are quite a few fashion brands all over the world making vegan bags, it's not difficult to find them, it's also not too difficult to find a great variety of designs and styles. 
However, it becomes a bit more difficult when you are trying to find a bag that is vegan and also ethically made, eco-friendly and sustainable.


First thing to consider:


"Many major vegan leather brands claim their products are made of ‘eco friendly’ PU (Polyurethane) microfibers, used because their ‘feel’ is similar to that of leather, and it can be imprinted with grains that mimic suede and natural skins. But make no mistake–there is no such thing as ‘eco friendly’ PU.

In the production of microfiber-based synthetics, textiles and polymers are often layered together and compressed several times through metal rollers, then submersed in a coagulation solution to solidify. This chemical process requires excessive levels of toxic substances like dimethylformamide, which has also been linked to cancer and birth defects, and acetic acid, high doses of which can damage skin and eyes."


"Despite these eco-horrors, many eco-warriors find vegan leather production even worse. For example, the manufacture and incineration of PVC-based synthetics produce one of the most toxic chemicals known to man: dioxins. Found in almost every single modern human’s body, dioxins promote developmental disturbances and increase cancer risks tenfold.

Since plastic-based synthetics don’t fully biodegrade, they produce micro-particles that are ingested by animals and thus enter the food chain at all levels: even Arctic polar bears have been found to have dioxins in their bloodstream. When it does break down, vegan leather releases phthalates—initially added as a softening agent—which subsequently enter the food chain and the atmosphere, causing breathing problems, breast cancers, hormonal disruptions and birth defects."

-Eluxe Magazine


Want some more info?


Are we helping animals by choosing a bag that is not made of leather but microfiber instead?

Yes, of course we are!

But...are we helping the environment too?

The answer

And also...something very important! Are we paying for a bag that has been made by happy workers? Workers that get the right salary wages and conditions?

Sometimes we just want to make our purchase easy and feel good by knowing that we are supporting a vegan brand that cares about animals, however sometimes we just need to spend an extra minute trying to find that item that really ticks all the ethical boxes. It will be always your choice, but you need to know that it is a choice!


To help you in this search we created Velvety

An ethical, sustainable and of course vegan store that will make your eco vegan purchases easier! At Velvety you can find a selective range of bags, wallets, backpacks and more
that are handmade, ethically manufactured and sustainable. We do not carry bags made of 100% vegan leather, we only carry bags made of cork, upcycled materials, real leaves and pineapple leather. We care about animals, the people and the environment
and that's why we decided to only focus on real eco-friendly bags and accessories.

Have a look at our range and get inspired by colours, materials and textures :)

Vegan cork cutches



pinatex bags



Vegan backpacks










Let us show you some of our featured products for him!












Remember: When buying at Velvety you are not just supporting an ethical small business, you are changing the world, changing the fashion fast industry and helping animals!

We donate a % of our profits to Big Sky Sanctuary, so when you purchase a vegan product from us, you are already supporting such a beautiful cause. Please, find more about our charity program here: BSKCHARITY



12 Ethical & Vegan gift ideas | Vegan fashion guide Australia




Choosing the perfect vegan gift for someone you love isn't always easy, also trying to find the best ethical and also vegan gift can be really difficult!

That's why at Velvety, we want to help you to find the best ethical & vegan products for those you really care giving you free access to this beautiful guide and list of vegan gifts ideas.

We guarantee that all the products you are going to find here are vegan, but also cruelty free, fair trade, handmade, some of them made of organic cotton or upcycled materials, and of course, ethical and sustainable.

At Velvety we care about products that respect humans, animals and the planet.

soy candles

1. Velvety Eco Soy Candles

Vegan candles hand made using organic vegan wax in Bunyip,


The perfect gift for those who enjoy natural & charming goods.


2. Vegan Jewelry

Handmade jewelry for those who love creative but also sustainable accessories.


3. Vegan Wallets for Women

Ethical wallets made from the most sustainable materials such as cork, real leaves, pineapple leather and more.

vegan wallets

4. Vegan Wallets for Men

Ethical wallets made from the most sustainable materials such as cork, real leaves, pineapple leather and more.


5. Organic Cotton Socks

Vegan, fair trade and organic cotton socks for men and women.

The perfect gift for compassionate creative people.

recycled notebook


Sustainable belts, notebooks, beanies, scarves and more.

Surprise some one with a notebook made of leaves!


7. Sustainable Clothing for Women

Eco-friendly clothing brands for those women that love wearing organic and fairly made garments.


8. Vegan Handbags

Vegan but also sustainable and ethically made bags made from real eco materials such as pinatex, leaves, cork or upcycled garments.

Surprise her with a unique environmentally friendly bag!


9. Organic Men's Underwear

Fair trade and organic underwear for the men you love!

Great quality and affordable prices!

vegan beauty box

10. Vegan Beauty

Unique curated selection of Australian made skin products and gifts boxes.

Perfect for those women that love natural and non toxic/nasty products.

vegan backpacks

11. Vegan Backpacks

Vegan but also handmade upcycled backpacks totally unique!

A fantastic gift for adventurous people!

vegan clutches

12. Vegan Clutches & Purses

Creative, sustainable and of course vegan!

Perfect for Summer, parties and events!

Find more awesome ethical and vegan products on

Your store for sustainable fashion, beauty and more!


6 Ethical Fashion Brands You Can Shop In Australia

ethical fashion brands




Ethical fashion is growing, and thanks to that today we can find fully sustainable brands that care about the environment, animals, and their workers.


Buying ethical fashion

We are supporting a great cause and helping in a massive way to change the course of the fast fashion industry, towards a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle, which in the long run benefits us all.

In this post, we will introduce:

6 ethical fashion brands

New clothing and accessories that can all be found at Velvety. All these brands have something in common, they are all ethical, use organic or recycled materials and are produced in a fair way.


1- Armedangels

Ethics: Fair Trade certified, GOTS certified

Category: Clothing

Based in: Germany

About them: Great style, modern but elegant, sophisticated and trendy. I remember the first time I saw this brand online. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing! A huge ethical and sustainable store with the kind of fashion items that most women love. But the best part? A human company behind all these organic (GOTS certified) garments and an impressive way of creating them, always working with the Fair Wear and Fair Trade associations to guarantee the best ethical practices in regards to workers and labor conditions. 

Considering all this... Stocking Armedangels at Velvety was a MUST!



2- Bloi

Ethics: Ethical production, handmade, GOTS certified

Category: Clothing

Based in: Barcelona

About them: I will never forget the day I discovered this brand! I was in Australia when a friend from Barcelona sent me a picture of their physical store with the message: "Lorena this store may interest you for your project"

When I visited their website I quickly fell in love! Beautiful and charming garments made of organic cotton (GOTS certified) and handmade in Barcelona (my beloved city). In that moment I realized that they had to be part of Velvety yes or yes! So 1 year later on a trip to Barcelona I visited them and met the lovely people behind the brand, Nuria, Ernesto and their rescue dog. It was not surprising to see that behind great brands there are always great people making things happen.

Shop all BLOI


3- Numon

Ethics: Ethical production, handmade, vegan, eco label certified

Category: Bags and accessories

Based in: Barcelona

About them: What to say about Numon? An incredible brand located very close to Barcelona that makes the most beautiful and unique vegan upcycled, bags, backpacks and accessories always using forgotten/wasted materials. I met Nuria (the maker and designer) in Barcelona possibly 10 years ago. Back in those days I remember admiring their products, I never forgot them and the first brand I knew I would introduce to Velvety would be NUMON. And that's how it all started! A big thanks to Nuria and Ramon (the ones behind the scenes) for making such an amazing product 100% vegan.

Shop all NUMON


4- Indecisive

Ethics: Ethically Handmade, Zero-waste, Organic, Vegan

Category: Clothing

Based in: Australia

About them: Australian made and sustainable! Indecisive could be our most luxurious yet modern and affordable brand at Velvety. Their transeasonal garments are simply pieces of art that will make you feel unique when wearing them! The best part is knowing that you're wearing upcycled garments, they consist of wasted textiles from the fashion industry that are usually discarded and considered trash, Indecisive rescue them in perfect condition and make their stunning collections. They also use organic materials such as bamboo to create relaxed modern pieces. Something really important for us (and you don't see it very often) is that all their pieces are made to order, this way Indecisve ensures that there are no wasted garments and this is  the best way to ensure a sustainable production, don't you think?



5- Thamon

Ethics: Ethically Handmade, Vegan, toxic free

Category: Accessories

Based in: London

About them: With Thamon I discovered that yes...there are more sustainable options to vegan leather and of course to real leather! What an amazing company, concept, and product! Great style and quality for people interested in making more sustainable choices and "wear leaves, not leather". Thamon creates their own leaf fibre from sustainably sourced tree leaves and the result is amazing, that's why we carry  their range at Velvety, with the goal of bring more and more of their products to Australia, this is the kind of vegan leather we want to offer to our ethical customers.

Shop all THAMON


6- Elpis

Ethics: Ehically Handmade, Vegan, toxic free

Category: Accessories

Based in: Thailand

About them: Another great brand that makes sustainable bags and wallets (among other things) from leaves! The result is urban bags and wallets made from natural raw materials that respect the environment and remind us that simplicity is the key to living in harmony and respecting life. We can guarantee you wont see these unique patterns anywhere else as each product has a unique natural pattern. The colours change every season reflecting the natural beauty of the leaves for that time of the year.

Shop all ELPIS


I believe nowadays, vegan and ethical fashion can be easy to find if you search for it, but  ethical, vegan and sustainable...can be a bit more tricky,  that's why when I started Velvety I strived to create a one stop shop where ethical consumers could ensure they were making the best decisions when it came to respecting animals, the planet, and people.


For further information about certifications visit:





2 Sustainable & Ethical fashion brands that you need to know about.


Love being INDECISIVE? 

 You will now! 

Welcome to the new fashion brand gracing the Velvety collection. INDECISIVE. 

This sustainable, Australian clothing brand also makes in Australia! That's rare. 

The hand picked selection is carefully cultivated to suits VEGANS. Lorena being vegan herself, is dedicated to providing the best selection of Vegan fashion and lifestyle products. Making it so much easier to buy all Vegan, Ethical and Sustainable at Velvety. In our oversaturated globalised world it's so important to consider what you buy, from who and how. 

See the whole range of organic and upcycled fashion garments that Velvety carries:


Speaking of being responsible and angelic..... 

Have you heard of Armedangels? These tough but kind angels follow the best practices. 


  Velvety presents a cultivated selection of Armed Angels fair and organic fashion collection.

Armedangels come all the way from Deutschland! These beauties design everyday favorites to be worn for longer. These angels have nothing to hide and live up to their expectation of quality and integrity. Their pieces are classic and beautiful quality. Velvety has hand picked the best pieces from Armed Angels all responsible vegan fashion. Vegan wares!

It's best practice to support and champion sustainablility and ethical products. In the ideal world we won't have to use these keywords anymore. Eco Fashion, Sustainability, Ethical, Cruelty free, Organic and Fair Trade. These values will become standard. But at the moment we have to state the obvious and have accredited approval so that others don't follow bad practices. 

Integrity and purpose are the most important things in fashion brands these days. Yes fast fashion is cheaper than ever and a moving beast that swallows up unsuspecting youths. But someone somewhere else is paying for the price of those clothes. I don't need to tell you this is common sense. I am preaching to the enlightened. 


So enough of that. Let us know your experience and get in touch!

Share and get spread the word.


Thank you for being considerate, conscious and responsible human beings!

This post has been written by Freyja Ronngard.

"I must confess I am not Vegan but I consider myself a responsible and considerate human being."  


Vegan mother's day gifts

We have a beautiful selection of natural, cruelty free and sustainable gift ideas for that person who loves you the most, Your Mum! and there is also an option for every budget!

Until the 5th of May *you get Free Delivery for orders over $75 adding the code: MOTHERSDAY at the checkout!


Vegan Easter Treats | Gift Ideas

Have a Velvety Easter holiday planned?

We can help organize Vegan chocolate and beauty presents. Find out where to shop for these must have Vegan Easter presents at Velvety.



Cork Leather

At Velvety, we are constantly on the lookout for beautiful alternative materials to leather and other unsustainable materials such as plastic. These substances are unnatural, cause harm and death and poison our earth.

That’s why we were excited to discover cork. Not only does it look fantastic and last a long time, but unlike leather, plastic or microfiber, cork is 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Ethical Look | Ethical Fashion | Vegan & Eco Friendly Clothing








Where are your clothes made?

Have you ever thought about who sewed the clothes you are wearing? Have you ever wondered whether it was a woman, a man or a child? And what about if they work in a safe environment with fair wages and conditions?

Three Norwegian bloggers Ludvig, Frida and Anniken, decided to travel to Cambodia to see for themselves the truth behind sweatshops.

'Sweatshop' is a documentary series that will show you the hard reality we can't see from the shop floor where we buy our clothes. We are sure that this documentary and its touching journey will change your view on how the fast fashion industry works.



At Velvety, we are so proud to carry beautiful sustainable brands such as RECLAIM.

Reclaim is an ethical brand from the UK making cool bags and accessories recycling rubber from tyres. Yes!! You heard right! From TYRES! Would you like to know more about how all this started?

So we hope you enjoy reading this interview!

1. When and why did you start your project/brand Reclaim?

The brand was born whilst I was studying at university, working on a project based around innovation and innovative materials. The rubber material was found when I was exploring the materials that I could use within this project. 

2. Why tyres?

As mentioned the rubber material was something I stumbled upon. I really fell in love with the versatility of the material. It is very tactile, but also a very strong, hard wearing material. The material was also only otherwise going to be discarded so it was a bonus that I could save it and give it a second life.

3. What inspires you to make your designs?

The designs are always based around functionality foremost, but I like to look architecture and structures for inspiration on shape and particularly how they are constructed always interests me. I like to stay in tune with the fashion industry and current trends too. This enables me, I hope, to try and bridge the gap between being able to buy ethically without compromising on contemporary design. I think there are still reservations with ethically produced products and I want to reduce those. 

4. What kind of tyres do you use and where do you get them from?

The rubber material that I use is the inner tubes from the inside of larger tyres, such as tractor and lorry tyres. The bigger the inner tube the better as it then means I have a larger piece of material to use for the patterns. I am really lucky that there is a surplus supply of these tubes at local mechanics so I can always source the material.

Exclusive styles only available at!


5. Tell us a little bit more about the unique way you have to put together or sew your bags and accessories?

The bags are all put together using a method I have coined the ‘interlocking method’. It involves cutting the patterns in a certain way creating opposing tabs on two sides that will fit together, creating a strong bond. I love using this method because of the interesting t shape design it creates down all the adjoining edges. 

6. Why do you think that up cycling is so important nowadays?

I really believe that we need to move away from the fast-fashion culture and buy products that will last and that can be treasured. I think there is a movement of sustainable designers at the moment, forging the way forward which is fantastic and this needs to continue. 

7. What are your plans for the future?

I have a big love of all accessories and am currently expanding into jewellery pieces which is something that I have wanted to do for a while. I am building the collection at the moment and it will be ready for the SS17 launch in March.



Ethical fashion for a new ethical world.

ethical fashion australia

We are here with a unique purpose....we want to see our societies supporting ethical fashion. We know it isn't going to happen suddenly, but it's something we believe can be done with your help. 

When we started Velvety, we knew there were some people already interested in ethical & cruelty free fashion, people who cared about the environment and the animals, people who also was interested in how those items were made and who made them.



The True Cost Movie helped us to realize that there was a necessity waiting to wake up, this documentary showed the real issues and consequences we support when we decide to buy fast fashion.
For the first time, we could see the reality that nobody talks about. Do you know that people on this planet consume 80 billion pieces of clothing a year? or that the fashion industry we have been supporting is the second largest polluting industry, second only to the oil industry?

However,  as a conscious consumers and also now representing a business that shares ethical values, we want to help you to choose well in order to waste less, giving you the right information and offering you the right ethical alternatives, because we think that beyond a garment there is always a story that deserves to be shared.



So, you can start right here, deciding to shop at places like Velvety and stop supporting big companies with only one  goal: to make more and more dollars at the cost of workers, animals and the ecosystems of this planet.

Another thing you can do is talk about it! So many people can't change because they don't have the right information to make it happen. 
Spread the news, be a voice for those who don't have one, like the poor people working in third world countries for big companies without rights and also for those animals  that only want to live but instead die for someones clothes. But if you really want to make a change, get  involved by buying ethically from ethical companies like us and this way, start a real social change.



Join us to start the ethical fashion revolution that this world needs! 

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Vegan Valentine's Gift Ideas | Ethical Fashion Australia

valentine's day - vegan gift ideas

The date is approaching, there is JUST A FEW DAYS left for Valentine's day and we know you are wondering...

What is the best gift for him?

What do I buy for my girlfriend this year?

You do not have to go very far to find the perfect VEGAN & ETHICAL gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, we have the best gift ideas. Original, fairly made, cruelty free and charming gifts to show your love on Valentine's Day.