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Choosing the perfect vegan gift for someone you love isn't always easy, also trying to find the best ethical and also vegan gift can be really difficult!

That's why at Velvety, we want to help you to find the best ethical & vegan products for those you really care giving you free access to this beautiful guide and list of vegan gifts ideas.

We guarantee that all the products you are going to find here are vegan, but also cruelty free, fair trade, handmade, some of them made of organic cotton or upcycled materials, and of course, ethical and sustainable.

At Velvety we care about products that respect humans, animals and the planet.

soy candles

1. Velvety Eco Soy Candles 

Vegan candles hand made using organic vegan wax in Bunyip,


The perfect gift for those who enjoy natural & charming goods.


2. Upcycled Jewelry

Handmade jewelry for those who love creative but also sustainable accessories.


3. Vegan Wallets for Women

Ethical wallets made from the most sustainable materials such as cork, real leaves, pineapple leather and more.

vegan wallets

4. Vegan Wallets for Men

Ethical wallets made from the most sustainable materials such as cork, real leaves, pineapple leather and more.


5. Organic Cotton Socks

Vegan, fair trade and organic cotton socks for men and women. 

The perfect gift for compassionate creative people. 

recycled notebook


Sustainable belts, notebooks, beanies, scarves and more.

Surprise some one with a notebook made of leaves!


7. Sustainable Clothing for Women

Eco-friendly clothing brands for those women that love wearing organic and fairly made garments.


8. Vegan Handbags

Vegan but also sustainable and ethically made bags made from real eco materials such as pinatex, leaves, cork or upcycled garments. 

Surprise her with a unique environmentally friendly bag!


9. Organic Men's Underwear

Fair trade and organic underwear for the men you love!

Great quality and affordable prices!

vegan beauty box

10. Vegan Beauty

Unique curated selection of Australian made skin products and gifts boxes.

Perfect for those women that love natural and non toxic/nasty products.

vegan backpacks

11. Vegan Backpacks

Vegan but also handmade upcycled backpacks totally unique!

A fantastic gift for adventurous people!

vegan clutches

12. Vegan Clutches & Purses

Creative, sustainable and of course vegan!

Perfect for Summer, parties and events!

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6 Ethical Fashion Brands You Can Shop In Australia

ethical fashion brands




Ethical fashion is growing, and thanks to that today we can find fully sustainable brands that care about the environment, animals, and their workers.


Buying ethical fashion

We are supporting a great cause and helping in a massive way to change the course of the fast fashion industry, towards a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle, which in the long run benefits us all.

In this post, we will introduce:

6 ethical fashion brands

New clothing and accessories that can all be found at Velvety. All these brands have something in common, they are all ethical, use organic or recycled materials and are produced in a fair way.


1- Armedangels

Ethics: Fair Trade certified, GOTS certified

Category: Clothing

Based in: Germany

About them: Great style, modern but elegant, sophisticated and trendy. I remember the first time I saw this brand online. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing! A huge ethical and sustainable store with the kind of fashion items that most women love. But the best part? A human company behind all these organic (GOTS certified) garments and an impressive way of creating them, always working with the Fair Wear and Fair Trade associations to guarantee the best ethical practices in regards to workers and labor conditions. 

Considering all this... Stocking Armedangels at Velvety was a MUST!



2- Bloi

Ethics: Ethical production, handmade, GOTS certified

Category: Clothing

Based in: Barcelona

About them: I will never forget the day I discovered this brand! I was in Australia when a friend from Barcelona sent me a picture of their physical store with the message: "Lorena this store may interest you for your project"

When I visited their website I quickly fell in love! Beautiful and charming garments made of organic cotton (GOTS certified) and handmade in Barcelona (my beloved city). In that moment I realized that they had to be part of Velvety yes or yes! So 1 year later on a trip to Barcelona I visited them and met the lovely people behind the brand, Nuria, Ernesto and their rescue dog. It was not surprising to see that behind great brands there are always great people making things happen.

Shop all BLOI


3- Numon

Ethics: Ethical production, handmade, vegan, eco label certified

Category: Bags and accessories

Based in: Barcelona

About them: What to say about Numon? An incredible brand located very close to Barcelona that makes the most beautiful and unique vegan upcycled, bags, backpacks and accessories always using forgotten/wasted materials. I met Nuria (the maker and designer) in Barcelona possibly 10 years ago. Back in those days I remember admiring their products, I never forgot them and the first brand I knew I would introduce to Velvety would be NUMON. And that's how it all started! A big thanks to Nuria and Ramon (the ones behind the scenes) for making such an amazing product 100% vegan.

Shop all NUMON


4- Indecisive

Ethics: Ethically Handmade, Zero-waste, Organic, Vegan

Category: Clothing

Based in: Australia

About them: Australian made and sustainable! Indecisive could be our most luxurious yet modern and affordable brand at Velvety. Their transeasonal garments are simply pieces of art that will make you feel unique when wearing them! The best part is knowing that you're wearing upcycled garments, they consist of wasted textiles from the fashion industry that are usually discarded and considered trash, Indecisive rescue them in perfect condition and make their stunning collections. They also use organic materials such as bamboo to create relaxed modern pieces. Something really important for us (and you don't see it very often) is that all their pieces are made to order, this way Indecisve ensures that there are no wasted garments and this is  the best way to ensure a sustainable production, don't you think?



5- Thamon

Ethics: Ethically Handmade, Vegan, toxic free

Category: Accessories

Based in: London

About them: With Thamon I discovered that yes...there are more sustainable options to vegan leather and of course to real leather! What an amazing company, concept, and product! Great style and quality for people interested in making more sustainable choices and "wear leaves, not leather". Thamon creates their own leaf fibre from sustainably sourced tree leaves and the result is amazing, that's why we carry  their range at Velvety, with the goal of bring more and more of their products to Australia, this is the kind of vegan leather we want to offer to our ethical customers.

Shop all THAMON


6- Elpis

Ethics: Ehically Handmade, Vegan, toxic free

Category: Accessories

Based in: Thailand

About them: Another great brand that makes sustainable bags and wallets (among other things) from leaves! The result is urban bags and wallets made from natural raw materials that respect the environment and remind us that simplicity is the key to living in harmony and respecting life. We can guarantee you wont see these unique patterns anywhere else as each product has a unique natural pattern. The colours change every season reflecting the natural beauty of the leaves for that time of the year.

Shop all ELPIS


I believe nowadays, vegan and ethical fashion can be easy to find if you search for it, but  ethical, vegan and sustainable...can be a bit more tricky,  that's why when I started Velvety I strived to create a one stop shop where ethical consumers could ensure they were making the best decisions when it came to respecting animals, the planet, and people.


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Sustainable bags & accessories you will love | Vegan & Ethical

Living in a sustainable way can sometimes be a bit difficult. However, every day there are more stores and brands creating or improving products that help us to live in a more ecological or ethical way.

At Velvety, we want to help you to find products that are vegan, but also sustainable, and that is why we focus on fashion products that make the difference at all levels, from fair and handmade production to a product that is cruelty free and also respects the environment.

Our purpose as an ethical and vegan store is based in promoting fairly made items, that at the same time are sustainable and made from upcycled and natural materials. We care about the environment as much as we care about the animals and the people of this planet.


We know you share the same ethical values we do and we believe you are going to love our new ETHICAL FASHION brands and VEGAN products at Velvety.


Let's start talking about THAMON,

Our new sustainable and handmade Brand from London that makes fashion accessories using leaves!! yes...you heard right, leaves!! Check them out:


Then we also find ELPIS,

An ethical fashion brand that creates beautiful bags and wallets for women made from real leaves. All the process is 100% sustainable and their vegan products are ethically made in Thailand. Check them out:


Let us introduce you our bags & wallets made by MARAVILLAS BAGS,

Handmade in Mallorca, Spain, using PINATEX, currently one of the newest and most sustainble materials in the market: