Sustainable bags & accessories you will love | Vegan & Ethical

Living in a sustainable way can sometimes be a bit difficult. However, every day there are more stores and brands creating or improving products that help us to live in a more ecological or ethical way.

At Velvety, we want to help you to find products that are vegan, but also sustainable, and that is why we focus on fashion products that make the difference at all levels, from fair and handmade production to a product that is cruelty free and also respects the environment.

Our purpose as an ethical and vegan store is based in promoting fairly made items, that at the same time are sustainable and made from upcycled and natural materials. We care about the environment as much as we care about the animals and the people of this planet.


We know you share the same ethical values we do and we believe you are going to love our new ETHICAL FASHION brands and VEGAN products at Velvety.


Let's start talking about THAMON,

Our new sustainable and handmade Brand from London that makes fashion accessories using leaves!! heard right, leaves!! Check them out:

Let us introduce you our new wallets made by MARAVILLAS BAGS,

Handmade in Mallorca, Spain, using PINATEX, currently one of the newest and most sustainble materials in the market:

Pre-order the new NUMON bags and Backpacks!

We love this ethical and vegan brand from Barcelona and we know that our loyal customers love it too! Numon uses forgotten materials that nobody uses anymore and gives them a new life! Discover our new selecction! They are unique, so there are no two alike!

Enjoy this new brand called INTERO,

Accessories for women made from recycled neoprene. Creative, innovative and simply beautiful. Don't you think so? We also think that they can be the perfect ethical gift!

And finally, we are happy to introduce BY MY ECO,

Another of our new brands now available online! This awesome brand from Barcelona recycle jeans and create practical and urban bags for everyday. BME makes its bags in workshops that help women in risk of social exclusion. 



Vegan mother's day gifts

The Best Mum

deserves the best ethical treats!


We have a beautiful selection of natural, cruelty free and sustainable gift ideas for that person who loves you the most, Your Mum! and there is also an option for every budget!

Until the 5th of May *you get Free Delivery for orders over $75 adding the code: MOTHERSDAY at the checkout! 


All our boxes contain ethical & vegan products. Each curated and hand-wrapped Velvety box ships as a special gift, with a handwritten personal note and no pricing.

Our vegan ethical boxes are unique and made to delight your senses!


All our bags are 100% sustainable and vegan! Always made from natural/raw or upcycled and material. 


We love upcycling! The idea of creating a beautiful piece from some leftover materials is brilliant and the best way to reduce waste! Don't you think? These earrings are made of coffee pods, amazing right? :)


Handmade by us in Bunyip, Australia. Our Eco Soy Candles are the perfect and cutest gift for candle lovers!


Delicious, organic, fair trade, cruelty free...and a long etc! What else can you ask for? She will love it!!



Vegan Easter Treats | Gift Ideas

Have a Velvety Easter holiday planned?

We can help organize Vegan chocolate and beauty presents. Find out where to shop for these must have Vegan Easter presents at Velvety.


Loving Earth - Vegan Chocolate

 Your missing out if you haven't tried this chocolate. You can have the sweet stuff and not feel guilty. With no animal products. Perfect for the vegan and non vegan. Because it tastes amazing!

Take a look for yourself at the top vegan chocolate flavors. Hand made in Melbourne.

Certified organic, Certified Fair Trade.


Velvety Smooth Soy Candles

Brighten up your Easter holidays with these luxurious soy eco candles. Sit back light a candle and cruse into your Easter holidays. Best presents to buy friends and family.

soy candles australia


Velvety Beauty Products

Vegan Beauty products. Make time for your skin this Easter and treat yourself or friends to natural beauty products. Cruelty free.