toothbrush - charcoal fibre bristles
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toothbrush - charcoal fibre bristles


The best toothbrush - charcoal fibre bristles

Help protect our Nations' beaches and Mother Nature as a whole whilst encouraging all to live a healthy life on a healthy planet. Take care of thyself naturally with Mao bamboo and spread good vibrations to our surrounding environment. I'll protect your gums from bacteria and aging as you get my bamboo in and around your mouth.





Mother Nature's Natural Product; Mao Bamboo 

Charcoal Bristles 


Environmentally Natural Product

I'm naturally raw and legit. I don't do faux.  Mao bamboo comes from China’s forests and grows approx one meter a day. Pandas do not eat Mao bamboo and is purely used for commercial use.

The TB’s are hot stamped by the team of GW, in Melbourne, Australia. 

Brand: Got Wood


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toothbrush - charcoal fibre bristles

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