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Recycled coin pouch


Vegan coin purse made from recycled tire tube


A perfect vegan leather unisex coin case, it is also very useful for keeping earphones, jewellery, medicines, etc


  1. Completely washable and waterproof
  2. Scratch proof
  3. Export Quality
  4. Flexible material with long life
  • Made out of vegan leather(Recycle Tire tube)
  • Far better than animal leather
  • Cruelty Free, Animal Friendly and Eco-friendly 
  • Material is quite soft and easy to wear
  • Highly Durable, Shock Proof
  • Robust/stylish design


Ethically made in India by Eco Wings

  • Fair trade + Peta Vegan Approved
  • Please note : Eco Wings assures you that the product shape and design will remain same with good quality but the texture may slightly differ as  every inner tube has its own identity and different texture pattern. 


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