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Brown Bag made of leaves


Leaf leather handbags

A decent sized tote bag. Super light-weight with amazing capacity to hold heavy items like a 15” notebook. Easy to care for, splash proof, 100% Eco, vegan and ethical. Make it your everyday go-to bag.

Lined with high quality khaki organic cotton and zipped inner pocket.

Slight variation in color might occur due to organic processing.

Size: 47cm x 28cm x 10cm.

This bag is biodegradable grade material and made of eco leaf leather with biodegradable laminates to extra durability.

The material used in the collection comes from a local lab which invented this Thai patented material in 2003 from teak leaves. And in purchasing it, you continue supporting the local lab to further establish this wonderful new eco material.

Ethically made in Thailand.

Brand: Elpis

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