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Black Feather Necklace - Upcycle Vegan Leather


Upcycled jewelry: This necklace has been handcrafted from a bicycle inner tube.

This necklace lightweight, waterproof, durable, super soft and has the look of leather and feather without the guilt.

The feather measure 8.5 cm length.

The cord is made from the same material, a recycled bike inner tube. The necklace comes long but can be easily shortened with a simple knot and snip of the scissors.

Since each necklace is hand cut from a bike tube each piece may vary slightly.

Now cows or birds were harmed in the making of these earrings. The bike was saved from a life spent in landfill! This is the perfect gift for an eco minded lady in your life, or anyone who appreciates good taste.


Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

Brand: Tread & Pedals

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