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Black Feather Choker Necklace - Upcycle Vegan Leather


Recycled necklace from bike inner tube

This eco chic necklace is very versatile so you can wear it loose, wrap it around and wear as a choker, or tie your hair back with it as a headband. 

This necklace is lightweight, very durable, waterproof, super soft and has the look of leather and feathers without the guilt - and it's also so much fun to wear. 

The feathers measure 8.5 cm and 6 cm in length.

Since each necklace is hand cut from a bike tube each piece may vary slightly.

Now cows or birds were harmed in the making of these earrings. The bike was saved from a life spent in landfill! This is the perfect gift for an eco minded lady in your life, or anyone who appreciates good taste.


Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

Brand: Tread & Pedals


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